Cricketing legend AB de Villiers recently shared his admiration for Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma. He revealed what he appreciates the most about this exceptional player – and it’s not just about his on-field performance.

Rohit Sharma, known for his elegant batting style and aggressive captaincy, has been in remarkable form during the ongoing Asia Cup 2023. His bat did all the talking as he scored three half-centuries against Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka respectively.

In a recent interaction with media personnel, former South African cricketer AB de Villiers expressed great admiration for Sharma’s skills on field. But more than that – it was something else that caught De Villier’s attention.

Sharma’s performance in the Super 4 stage clash against Sri Lanka was nothing short of spectacular 🏏 . During this match, he achieved a monumental milestone in One Day International (ODI) history; becoming only the sixth Indian to do so.

De Villiers pointed out how such consistent performances are not mere coincidences or strokes of luck but result from hard work and dedication. “What I like most about Rohit is not simply his cricketing prowess,” said De Villiers.”It’s also his attitude towards every game.”

According to him, one can’t help but admire how Rohit approaches each game with unwavering focus yet manages to maintain an air of calmness around him at all times- whether facing a formidable bowling attack or when under pressure while chasing steep targets.

“He always seems composed even under intense pressure situations which speaks volumes about his mental strength” added De Villiers who himself is renowned worldwide for similar attributes during his playing days

The former Proteas batsman further stressed upon another aspect of Sharma’s personality that sets him apart- humility despite achieving extraordinary heights in international cricket over years

“It takes immense character to remain humble after reaching such milestones”, noted De villers adding, “Rohit is not just a great cricketer but also a wonderful human being”

De Villiers’ praise for Rohit Sharma comes as no surprise considering the latter’s recent performances. With his impeccable form in Asia Cup 2023, he has once again proved why he is considered one of the best batsmen in world cricket today.

The Indian opener’s journey from a middle-order batsman to becoming one of the most successful openers and captains for India is inspiring for many young aspiring cricketers around globe

In conclusion, AB de Villier’s admiration towards Rohit Sharma goes beyond his extraordinary skills on field. He appreciates him more for his composed attitude under pressure situations and humility despite massive success – two qualities that truly make an individual stand out both on and off field