In a thrilling display of cricket, the third One Day International (ODI) match between England and New Zealand took place at Kennington Oval in London on September 13th. The game met every expectation of cricket fans worldwide as it brought together two formidable teams in an exhilarating contest.

The star of the show was undoubtedly Chris Woakes, who stunned spectators with his exceptional bowling skills. In one unforgettable moment that has since been replayed countless times by fans and analysts alike, Woakes managed to clean up Tom Latham with what can only be described as an absolute jaffa! 🏏

This particular delivery from Woakes had everything – speed, accuracy, and just enough swing to outfox Latham completely. It seemed like time stood still as the ball whizzed past Latham’s bat and crashed into the stumps behind him. This pivotal moment led to a roar from the crowd that could probably have been heard all over London!

However, this wasn’t merely about individual brilliance but also team effort. The English side played cohesively throughout this ODI series’ third showdown against their Kiwi counterparts.

England secured a resounding victory by 181 runs against New Zealand—also known affectionately by cricket enthusiasts globally as ‘the Blackcaps’. This win was not just significant numerically; it showcased England’s dominance over their opponents across various aspects of play during this crucial encounter.

It is worth noting how well-prepared England appeared for this fixture right from its outset till its conclusion—a testament to both players’ skillset and coaching staff’s strategic acumen alike.

As we look back on this highly engaging match-up at Kennington Oval—one filled with memorable moments—it is clear why these ODIs are so beloved among followers of international cricket: they offer suspenseful action combined with high-level skill execution under pressure situations!

So here’s raising our hats off once again to Chris Woakes, whose absolute jaffa to Tom Latham will likely be remembered as one of the defining moments in this 2023 ODI series between England and New Zealand.

In conclusion, this particular game not only lived up to its billing but also exceeded it by a fair margin. It reminded us once again why cricket is often referred to as ‘the gentleman’s game’. The spirit of competition was alive and well on that day at Kennington Oval—a fact that bodes well for future matches in this ongoing rivalry between two top-class international teams!