In a thrilling turn of events, England emerged victorious over New Zealand in the fourth and final One Day International (ODI) cricket match. This win was secured at the iconic Lord’s Cricket Ground, marking an unforgettable moment for fans worldwide.

The home team triumphed with a staggering 100-run lead, clinching the series by 3-1. The victory was largely attributed to standout performances from Dawid Malan and Moeen Ali who propelled their team towards this series-clinching success 🏏.

Dawid Malan delivered an exceptional performance that left spectators in awe. His brilliant ton lit up the pitch and set a challenging target for New Zealand. With every stroke he played, it became evident that he had come prepared to ensure his side’s victory.

Moeen Ali too showcased his prowess on the field alongside Malan. He complemented Malan’s batting brilliance with his own spectacular contribution to England’s innings which further solidified their position in the game.

As news of England’s commanding performance spread across social media platforms like Twitter, reactions started pouring in from all corners of globe. Fans expressed admiration for both teams’ efforts but particularly lauded Malan and Ali for leading England toward such a resounding victory.

There were praises sung about how well-coordinated English players were throughout this decisive match while others pointed out specific instances where they shone individually as well as collectively – be it through strategic gameplay or athletic prowess on field.

Some tweets highlighted key moments from match including stunning catches taken under pressure or powerful shots fired off batsmen’s blades – each contributing significantly towards shaping outcome of what turned out to be one nail-biting finish after another during course of play!

Twitter users also acknowledged strength displayed by New Zealand despite loss; many agreed that Kiwis put forth commendable fight till very end making contest all more exciting watch unfold live before eyes millions viewers tuning into action around world!

However majority sentiments echoed across Twitter were ones jubilation over England’s spectacular win. It was clear that this victory had stirred a sense of national pride among English fans, with many hailing it as a testament to the team’s determination and skill.

In conclusion, this series-clinching victory for England against New Zealand in the 4th ODI will be remembered not just for its high stakes but also for the remarkable performances by Dawid Malan and Moeen Ali. Their combined efforts have indeed written a new chapter in the history of English cricket.