The cricketing world is still reeling from the shock of Pakistan’s humiliating defeat against their arch-rivals, India, in the Asia Cup 2023. The loss has sparked a wave of reactions across different platforms and among various stakeholders. Among them is Pakistani actress Sehar Shinwari who voiced her frustration on social media with some harsh words for Babar Azam and his team.

Shinwari took to her social media accounts where she didn’t mince her words when expressing disappointment at the performance put up by Azam’s squad. Her comments were both scathing and pointed, highlighting what many fans felt was an underwhelming effort from a team that had promised so much more.

Cricket lovers around the globe watched as Pakistan faced off against India in what was anticipated to be one of the most exciting matches of this year’s tournament 🏏. However, instead of giving a fight worthy of their reputation, Babar Azam’s men fell short spectacularly leading to record-breaking win for Team India.

India dominated throughout the match which further intensified emotions amongst spectators back home in Pakistan. This sentiment was echoed by Shinwari who said that it wasn’t just about losing but how they lost – without putting up any significant resistance or showing any strategic brilliance on field.

In her posts online, Shinwari questioned whether there was enough preparation done ahead of such an important match? Did they underestimate their opponents? Was there lackadaisical attitude towards training or did complacency creep into their game plan?

She also criticized captain Babar Azam directly saying he failed not only as a batsman but also as leader – unable to inspire his troops during crucial moments nor could he guide them strategically when things started going downhill fast during play time.

Her remarks have since gone viral on social media garnering mixed responses with some agreeing while others defending players arguing that it’s just one bad day at work which shouldn’t overshadow their overall performance in the tournament.

However, there is a general consensus that Pakistan’s cricket team needs to take this defeat as a wake-up call and use it as motivation to come back stronger. They need to reassess their strategies, improve on-field communication and most importantly – not let pressure get better of them during high-stakes matches.

Shinwari’s comments serve as reminder for Azam and his squad about expectations from millions who follow this sport passionately. It’s not just about winning or losing but how you play the game – with passion, effort and strategic brilliance which seemed missing in Asia Cup 2023 match against India.

In conclusion, while fans are entitled to express disappointment when their favorite teams don’t perform up-to-mark; players too should remember they have responsibility towards those same fans. Here’s hoping Team Pakistan takes these criticisms constructively and bounce back with renewed vigor in upcoming matches.