Virat Kohli, the renowned cricketer and former Indian captain, is known for his passionate celebrations on the field. His exuberance is a part of his charm that cricket fans around the world have grown to love. Whether it’s scoring a triumphant century or taking a crucial wicket, Kohli’s emotions are usually on full display.

However, during the Asia Cup 2023 Final match recently held, Virat Kohli surprised everyone with an unexpected celebration that left spectators in splits 😂. This incident was not only surprising but also added an element of humor to this intense game.

The event unfolded when Virat pulled off an impressive catch at slip. The ball came hurtling towards him at high speed and without missing a beat; he caught it effortlessly with one hand! It was indeed quite stunning – another testament to his excellent reflexes and agility.

But what followed next was even more remarkable than the catch itself as he decided to celebrate it in quite an unusual way – by pretending to sleep!

Yes! You heard right! Instead of leaping into air or pumping his fist like usual after such spectacular catches which we’ve seen over years from him; instead he chose this time around for something completely different: A subtle sleeping celebration!

His teammates couldn’t help but laugh while some were taken aback by this sudden shift from their normally fiery leader who usually wears heart on sleeve every time he steps onto pitch whether batting bowling fielding whatever task may be assigned him within team framework .

As expected social media went wild reaction varied widely among viewers many found funny others thought disrespectful towards opponents whichever side you might fall opinion spectrum can’t deny fact definitely brought little light-heartedness amidst tension-filled final match scenario making even more memorable those watching home live stadium alike .

This isn’t first instance where has shown unique style celebrating success either . He always manages keep things interesting unpredictable , adding dash excitement unpredictability games participates .

In conclusion , Virat Kohli’s sleeping celebration during Asia Cup 2023 Final was indeed a surprise for everyone. It showed his lighter side, demonstrating that even in the midst of intense competition, there is always room for humor and fun.

This incident will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most hilarious moments in cricket history. Not only did it lighten up the atmosphere but also gave fans around world something to laugh about amidst all tension and excitement that comes with watching live sports .

So here’s raising toast to this spontaneous moment brought us by none other than our very own – Virat Kohli!