The cricketing universe was set ablaze recently when England’s star player, Ben Stokes, made a triumphant return from retirement. In an outstanding display of skill and tenacity in the 3rd One Day International (ODI) against New Zealand at The Oval in London, he hit his first ODI century since his comeback.

Stokes is well-known for his all-round cricketing prowess. His performance during this match only served to reinforce that reputation as he smashed through boundaries with ease and precision. He reached his fourth ODI century in spectacular fashion, taking just 76 balls. 🏏

His performance drew applause not just from the spectators present at The Oval but also garnered immense appreciation worldwide on social media platforms like Twitter where fans went into a frenzy celebrating their favorite cricketer’s achievement.

Stokes’ journey has been nothing short of extraordinary – filled with ups and downs both professionally and personally. It wasn’t long ago that he had announced retirement from international cricket owing to personal reasons; however, it seems like destiny had other plans for him.

Upon stepping back onto the pitch after such a long hiatus, there were many who wondered if Stokes would be able to regain his form or if time away had taken its toll on him physically or mentally. But by smashing these doubts out of the park along with those deliveries sent down by New Zealand bowlers, Stokes proved once again why he is regarded as one of England’s finest cricketers ever.

For any sportsman making a comeback can be daunting especially when you’re expected to perform up to high standards under pressure but Stokes showed no signs of rustiness nor did he show any signs of being affected by nerves which could have easily crept up considering what was at stake here.

He played each ball on its merit displaying great patience initially before switching gears effortlessly once settled down showing everyone how much they missed watching him bat while reminding them about what they’ve been missing during his absence.

His century was a blend of aggression and caution. He played some breathtaking shots that left the spectators as well as his opponents spellbound while also displaying tremendous resilience when required, showing everyone present why he’s considered one of the most destructive batsmen in world cricket today.

This match will be remembered not just for Stokes’ innings but also for how it brought together fans from all around the globe to celebrate this remarkable achievement by an equally remarkable cricketer who continues to inspire millions with his never-say-die attitude on and off-field.

Stokes has shown time and again that no matter what life throws at him, he is capable of rising above it all. His performance serves as a reminder that talent combined with hard work can overcome any obstacle; even if those obstacles are self-imposed breaks or personal challenges.

In conclusion, Ben Stoke’s return from retirement and subsequent century in the 3rd ODI against New Zealand will go down in history as one of England cricket’s most memorable moments – proving once more that sometimes heroes do wear helmets instead of capes!